Vacancy for the Post of Supervisor / Supply chain Manager

Vacancy for the Post of Supervisor / Supply chain Manager

• Coordinate, assign and review the work of secretaries to perform the following tasks:

• transport, receive, store, distribute and maintain inventories of materials, parts and products; processing purchases; coordinate production work; distribution of teams; fleet and route planning; operation of airport runway maintenance facilities; and other related activities

• Plan, organize and supervise the logistics of the organizations operations, establish work schedules and procedures, resolve work-related issues, prepare and submit progress and other reports, and coordinate activities with other work units or parts of the supply chain

• Train workers on job duties, safety procedures and company policies

• Purchase of supplies and equipment

• Ensure good operation of computer systems, equipment and machines and organize maintenance and repair work

• Can perform the same tasks as supervised workers.

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• A high school diploma is usually required

• Perfect ethical approach and strong personal values – model for regional SCM organization

• Solid general knowledge and ability in general finance, accounts payable and legal to support key roles and responsibilities

• Excellent influencing/negotiation skills and the ability to work multi-dimensional in complex business environments – ability to influence top-down, worldwide and bottom-up

• Experience in the functional area of supply chain management related to order fulfillment (manufacturing, logistics, purchasing, distribution)

• Solid knowledge of supply chain functions and operations (planning, sourcing, production, shipping, returns)

• Proven success as a leader with formal oversight Benefits Terms Of Employment

• Full time

• Permanent

• 40 hours per week

• Day, Evening, Shift, Overtime, Morning

Salary: $26.42 – $42.55 per hour

Required Years of Experience: 1 year to 2 years

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