Things that Successful People Definitely Avoid

Things that Successful People Definitely Avoid

By Darlington Aruma


Each and every person aspires to achievement in both their personal and professional lives. Many people, however, fall short of their real potential because they commit serious errors along the road. They either don’t consider time management, or they put their attention on the incorrect issues or viewpoints.

People who are successful are aware of what they should prioritize and what they shouldn’t. Here is a list of things that prosperous people make every effort to stay away from.

Sleeping the Day Away

While getting a good night’s sleep is important, successful people understand that they can’t just lie in bed all day. Eight hours of sleep means that one-third of the day—which has just 24 hours—has already passed.

Successful people rise earlier in the morning and make a schedule of their goals rather than choosing to sleep in. That entails going to bed and waking up at the same times every day so that you can conquer the day.

Caring About Everyone’s Opinions

Everyone’s actions and output are evaluated. But successful people are picky about who they let into their inner circle and who they pay attention to. They put their faith on other people who have proven to be competent and capable of getting things done.

They do not, however, give much thought to the views of people they do not know or who they do not trust. Additionally, they don’t give a damn what those people think of them. They do not intend to harm people; rather, they are aware of the futility of worrying about every possible viewpoint.

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Waiting for the Perfect Moment to Act

Many people opt to hold off on starting a new business or looking for employment until the ideal time. However, they frequently wait a very long time as a result of that mindset. Why, you inquire? because there is never the ideal time to act. Almost always, there will be something that appears to be in the way.

People who are successful are determined to take calculated risks and act quickly. They create a plan and carry it out in order to achieve their objectives rather than waiting around for everything to fall into place. If they fail, there will be another opportunity.

Fearing the Least Likely Outcome

Everyone, even successful individuals, have worries and fears. However, how people deal with their fears is what separates those who succeed from those who don’t. Not every phobia is created equal.

Sometimes, our minds automatically imagine the worst-case scenarios that could possibly occur. Successful people are able to distinguish between anxieties and concerns that are important enough to address and those that are better left to worry about only in the unlikely occasion that they do.

Taking Action without Careful Planning

People who are impulsive and unsuccessful tend to base a lot of their choices on whim. They don’t spend the time making a plan for their objectives or even thinking about what they’ll need to fulfill their desires.

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Successful people plan ahead so they can act in the optimal way, even though they don’t always wait for the ideal opportunity. They conduct preliminary study on their ideas and try to come up with effective strategies for putting them into action.

Not Actively Correcting Their Mistakes

According to legend, Albert Einstein reportedly described insanity as repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome. Although he didn’t actually say it, the sentiment is valid. Those who fail and don’t try again are destined to fail once again.

Even if they fall short of their objectives, successful people analyze both the good and the bad. They then retry using a different strategy. Even though mistakes can serve as teaching opportunities, they shouldn’t be repeated endlessly.

Letting Lazy People Bring Them Down

Unfortunately, not everyone can travel with you on your successful journey. Even though having negative and lazy people around you can be entertaining at first, in the end they only serve to depress you. Those who have excelled in their fields are aware of this.

Instead, successful people associate with those who embody all they hope to become: upbeat, driven individuals who are succeeding in their personal and professional ambitions. You may achieve your goals by spending time with those that push you to think creatively and motivate you to work harder.

Getting Involved in Other People’s Drama

It could be alluring to become involved in the drama and lives of another person. Some people might wish to be of assistance, while others might just want to snoop about in other people’s lives. On the other hand, obsessing over other people’s problems can be detrimental to you in the long term.

Despite appearances to the contrary, successful people put themselves and their own life first. It might be time-consuming to worry about someone else when you could be doing something else. People who want to keep succeeding avoid getting caught up in melodrama that they can’t actually change.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

People who are successful understand how crucial it is to set goals. Setting realistic goals based on your present workload, knowledge, and skills is crucial. In addition, they don’t pursue their goals in the absence of dreams.

People who are successful in life set SMART goals, which stand for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-driven objectives. It’s a good idea to set small, doable goals as you continue to work toward your larger targets if you want to boost your sales or compensation. When you reach your initial goals, you can modify them.

Pointing Fingers

People who fail frequently attribute their own errors to others. To protect their own a$$es or assign blame for their own errors, they throw others under the bus.

People who are successful admit their mistakes. They understand that even the finest among us make mistakes. Instead than pointing the finger at others, they take responsibility for their mistakes, make amends, and move on. As a result, they get the respect of their peers and have the chance to study.

Trying to Be Liked

Sometimes those who fail do so because they are worried about what other people will think. Instead of putting their all into achieving their objectives, they spend too much time worrying about what other people think, and as a result, they fail.

Successful people don’t usually try to please others. Being despised by others doesn’t worry them since they are aware that no matter what they do, someone will always loathe them. They are free to succeed because they do not let other people’s opinions guide their choices or how they live their lives.

Feeling Guilty About Self-Care

It could appear that successful people put in endless hours of labor with little regard for their own wellbeing. Successful individuals understand the value of self-care, though.

People who are successful are just as dedicated to their personal well-being as they are to their careers. They don’t feel guilty about spending a weekend or even a vacation to unwind with friends and family. They are aware that in order to produce their best work, they must rest and recharge.

Shying Away From Challenges or Responsibilities

People who aren’t as successful often aren’t willing to go the extra mile. They aren’t eager to challenge themselves and instead focus on just sliding by with easy tasks that anyone can do. That is why they often remain stagnant in their careers and life.

Successful people, however, are prepared to take on the hard tasks that others are not willing to do. They challenge themselves and take on new responsibilities and skills so that they can grow and become stronger individuals. That is why they ultimately reach higher heights in their lives.

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Getting Distracted by the Little Things

Many people have the problem of being easily distracted by little matters. There are numerous ways to get sidetracked from tasks thanks to push alerts, calls, and messages. Even without electronic media, it’s simple to squander time in the morning looking for what to wear or what to eat for lunch rather than spending enough time the night before preparing.

These minor interruptions add up quickly and divert time from other tasks. People who are successful understand that they cannot allow minor irritations to keep them from being productive. Instead, they get ready for the day and set out particular periods to concentrate better on important tasks.

Getting Things Absolutely Perfect

People who are successful frequently excel in their fields and have a wealth of experience. However, if you believe that everything must be perfect on your first try, it is simple to feel anxious about starting a new project.

Those that succeed understand that their work doesn’t need to be flawless. Instead, they concentrate on simply giving everything they have and moving forward. They don’t dread making mistakes; they really give themselves permission to do so. If necessary, changes can be made afterwards.

Trying to Be the Smartest in the Room

Some people, especially those in positions of leadership, could think that only their thoughts and opinions matter. As the phrase goes, though, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.” Either that, or you’re a snob who won’t risk letting others have a go.

However, successful people aren’t like this. They are receptive to fresh perspectives from others and don’t hesitate to ask sharper, more seasoned individuals for help, especially if they are all working on the same team.

Spending Too Much Time on Phones

There are a ton of social networking platforms, games, and apps available on phones today. On the other hand, using your phone excessively can hinder your achievement. Successful people are aware that everything has its own place and timing.

Successful people only access pertinent information on their phones for their personal or professional lives. Consider setting your phone on Do Not Disturb so that you may concentrate on vital work rather than mindlessly browsing through it all day.

Justifying Where They Are in Life

Successful people occasionally receive skepticism about their success from others. They could wonder if someone’s achievement was the result of pure luck or if it was given to them.

Successful people, on the other hand, don’t give their thoughts any thought outside of their close friends and family. They realize that while privilege and luck are real, fretting about them is a definite way to never succeed. It’s preferable to just put in hard work and disregard doubters.

Listening to Cynics

People who may have fallen short of their goals in life can occasionally be resentful and cynical. People who are successful frequently encounter those who are content to maintain the status quo because they think that nothing better is conceivable.

But those who achieve great success in life are aware that cynics frequently project their own insecurities and self-doubts onto others. They understand that simply when an idea might not have worked for one person, it might still work for them, at least if they don’t adopt the same strategy.

Mismanaging Time

Goal-achieving is difficult for those who have trouble managing their time. In a nutshell. They constantly fall behind because they are unaware of how priceless each and every day may be.

Successful people are aware of how valuable time is. They understand that making a strategic plan for tackling their day is more beneficial than just attacking activities aimlessly. They stay away from major time sinks like social media.

Resisting Change

Life will inevitably change, so learning to roll with the punches can help you succeed. Successful individuals embrace change, while unsuccessful people resist it because they can’t see the beauty and opportunity for growth in it.

People who succeed in life are aware that they cannot advance without accepting novel concepts and situations. They are keen to modify prior methods to better take into account current realities and are open to learn new skills to stay at the top of their game in their industry. Change is beneficial and frequently required.

Confusing Busyness with Productivity

People who have unfinished business frequently become preoccupied. People who are overly busy make impossible, unrealistic to-do lists just to show off how busy they are. Successful people, on the other hand, prefer productivity to busyness.

Smaller tasks that would only get in the way of them completing larger tasks are delegated or eliminated. They put more emphasis on finding time for the things that matter most rather than bragging about having a filled day. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re truly accomplishing much.

Dwelling on the Past

People who don’t realize their full potential occasionally become stuck because they are obsessing over regrets from the past or what might have been. Beating oneself up over past mistakes rather than taking the time to learn from them is a huge waste of time.

People who are successful don’t dwell on the past, and this doesn’t just apply to mistakes. Additionally, they don’t linger too long on victories. You must stay present-oriented if you want to achieve. In order to achieve the next victory, you must concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Forgetting the People Who Helped Them Succeed

People who don’t advance as quickly as they would like occasionally refuse to give credit where credit is due. You can’t do it all by yourself if you want to advance in life. It also requires you to collaborate with others.

Successful people acknowledge their need on others and express appreciation for their ongoing support. Favors, presents, or even a simple “thank you” or public acknowledgement might be used as examples. No matter what, they take care to let others around them know how much they are valued.

Thinking Positively All the Time

This may come as a surprise as no one achieves success without overcoming negative thought patterns. On the other hand, thinking positively too much can also be harmful. Constantly holding onto the hope that everything will turn out alright is a recipe for disaster.

Successful people have a neutral mindset, which entails accepting that whatever happens, whether good or terrible, it happened, and moving on. Being overly optimistic can set one up for failure and disappointment. You must be able to accept the fact that some ideas will never truly succeed.

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Being Motivated by Money

It seems like making money is everything in this capitalist culture. People accept jobs that they don’t even enjoy in order to increase their income. However, living only for material success is a bad way to live. Successful people are aware that material wealth alone cannot lead to self-actualization.

Instead, they develop a love for their job and the struggle to advance in their field or overall success. You’re more likely to succeed if you truly enjoy what you’re doing. You’re likely to fail if your primary motivation is financial gain.


Those who are less successful might be tempted to work overtime because they believe it will help them reach their objectives. When it comes to work, there is a distinction between quality and quantity. Successful people are all too aware of this.

Again, the goal of work is to do the proper duties, not to be busy for the sake of being busy. Additionally, working too much can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health over time, in addition to harming your relationships with loved ones.

Don’t Shy Away From Education

Those who may have experienced some success could be inclined to assume they are experts. With that mindset, they won’t advance much past their current situation, though. People who are successful understand that learning new things is necessary to keep moving up the success ladder.

Successful people make it a point to pursue education that will advance their careers and quality of life in general. They achieve this through reading books, enrolling in live or recorded classes, and seizing chances to pick up new information from others.


People who have trouble achieving new heights of success may also struggle with life-long overindulgence. But this isn’t just about stuffing yourself silly at a buffet. When it comes to using credit or debit cards, binge-watching Netflix shows and movies, or even your job, you can overindulge.

Over time, all of that could be detrimental to your personal and professional lives. Successful people are aware of the value of leading a balanced life. It enables better emotional, financial, dietary, and other forms of control.

Taking Life For Granted

In the end, successful people value the things in life that are most important to them. They reflect on their blessings and are grateful for their whole path in life. Money or even success are not the main factors. Instead, they place priority on realizing their full potential and enjoying the process.

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You can attempt to practice thankfulness at least once per day if you want to succeed. You can think of everything you have to be thankful for, from significant things like family to ordinary occurrences like a flower in bloom or a sunny day.

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