Obi Commends Air Peace Boss for Rescuing Nigerians from Sudan and Mourns Enahoro

Obi Commends Air Peace Boss for Rescuing Nigerians from Sudan and Mourns Enahoro

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has expressed gratitude to Chief Allen Onyema, Chairman of Air Peace, for answering the cry for help from stranded Nigerians in Sudan.

“My heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to the Chairman of Air Peace, @allenOyema, for his gracious act of altruism in aiding plans to airlift distressed and stranded Nigerians from war-torn Sudan,” said Obi in a message to Onyema.

He was honored for his patriotism and for aiding the country during a trying time by the LP flag bearer. Your steadfast efforts to further the national interest and unity are admirable. Such selflessness emphasizes the importance of our broader unity and keeping our brothers and sisters safe, regardless of tribe or faith.

The former governor of Anambra State claimed that the many acts of national service performed by patriotic citizen’s fall under a variety of categories, adding that Chief Onyema’s heroic deeds will serve as instructive examples for our people.

“Those who can contribute meaningfully must be prepared to do so selflessly. You and Nigeria are in God’s hands, Obi added.

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Mr. Obi has expressed his sorrow at the passing of renowned journalist Peter Enahoro, also known by his pen name, Peter Pan.

The late renowned journalist, according to a statement released on Tuesday by Obi, used his skills and resources to fight for a better Nigeria even at tremendous personal cost.

“Late Enahoro was a first-rate journalist; his contributions to the fight for Nigeria’s independence from colonial authority were well-documented; and his attempts to provide Nigeria effective leadership were monumental.

He was one of the greatest supporters of true democracy in Nigeria in addition to being a tremendous advocate and crusader for competent and decent leadership.

Because of his deeply held belief in a popularly elected democracy rather than a government that gains power via violence and manipulation, Obi said, “He was in constant confrontation with the military dictatorship”.

His contribution to the advancement of Nigeria’s independence fights through the use of journalism—his profession of choice—is extensively documented and recognized. His well-known work, “How to Be a Nigerian,” elevated our nation’s literary and historical stature. He repeatedly denounced Nigeria’s military anti-politics and was a fervent supporter of democracy and decent government.

The Labour Party candidate grieved that the legendary journalist passed away at a time when Nigeria most needed his expertise, particularly in the struggle to free the nation from those who were keeping it in captivity.

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However, the former governor of Anambra State claimed that the Nigerian people value and honor the renowned journalist for his work on behalf of the nation.

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