Global Microchip Shortage Threatens Businesses in Nigeria

Global Microchip Shortage Threatens Businesses in Nigeria

      As Opeke advocates local interconnectivity By Prince Osuagwu An Equinix 2022 global tech trends survey among 100 business leaders in Nigeria has discovered that microchip shortage is a threat to the businesses in Nigeria.

This is also as Managing Director, MainOne, an Equinix, Funke Opeke, has noted that the acceleration in digital transformation in Nigeria reinforces the need for businesses to have access to single points to interconnect locally.

Equinix said it interviewed respondents on the opportunities and challenges facing their organizations and their plans for the future.

On the supply chain challenges, 55 percent respondents said their business was plagued by global supply chain issues and shortages, while 50 percent specified the global microchip shortage as a threat to their businesses.

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However, a number of potentially limiting factors were identified by businesses when it came to global growth including concerns and challenges in supply chain, cyber security, and staff retention and recruitment.

“ MainOne provides a rich interconnection ecosystem that allows customers connect to each other multiple telecoms networks, and Cloud, Payment and Content Providers in a single location” she added.

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