Arteta is Unwavering in his Belief that Arsenal will Win the Premier League.

Arteta is Unwavering in his Belief that Arsenal will Win the Premier League

Despite dropping from first place in the standings over the weekend, Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal are still in the running for the Premier League championship.

After the champions’ 2-1 victory at Fulham on Sunday, Manchester City took Arteta’s team’s place atop the table.

After winning eight straight league games in pursuit of their fifth league championship in six years, City presently leads the Gunners by a point with a game remaining.

Arsenal, in comparison, has struggled lately, winning just three of their previous four games.

After six seasons away from the premier club competition in Europe, they are at least guaranteed a return to Champions League play, but Arteta insisted the Gunners’ squad was not content with that accomplishment alone.

Arteta now wants Arsenal, who were defeated 4-1 by City the previous week, to mount a comeback against London rivals Chelsea on Tuesday at the Emirates.

With five games remaining and a lot of things yet to happen, he remarked, “We have accomplished what was challenging to accomplish and we can still win the Premier League.”

“At this point, the title race is no longer in our control. The only thing we can do is try to win the games we still have left; the rest is up to City.

“What we have to do is forget about what happened last week, learn from it, and move on to the next game with a full tilt at home, with our people, London derby, and put things right.”

With five games remaining, the Spaniard continued, “We still have the best portion of the season to play. But as I continue to consider it, it is still not over.

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With five or six games remaining, this football club will once again play in the Champions League, something that hasn’t happened in more than ten years. I am very proud of everyone who has helped make this possible and am grateful to them all.

“So congratulations, but also thank you for continuing to be upset and refusing to accept that Champions League is insufficient and we want more because this squad will demand to get what we want,” the statement continued.

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