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13 Best Jobs for Women in the 21st Century - iDreamCareer

Most young and starting ladies often get confused on the best careers they should get involved in. Over the years women have risen from the shackles of been second fiddles in modern homes because really women can actually do what men can do. Most women are really hardworking and in the past women were seen to be home caterers and watch out for the children while the men leave homes to strive for their families but in recent times, modern ways has changed everything, as most women now have great careers and working lifestyles. In the 21st century, all women are equal to men and there is absolutely no ground for any discrimination.

Now the main question still remains, What are the best careers for women?


What is entrepreneurship? It’s basically the ability to take calculated risks and multi tasking. It’s about understanding people and guiding them towards a goal. Women are naturally gifted in all of these aspects and that is why entrepreneur itself is one of the best jobs for women. Women go ahead in setting up a small store and a business out of no where and engaging in small business sales, they are also not shying away from setting up a large scale company either as its no longer a taboo, for a woman to be at the top- as a chairperson or the CEO of a company. The truth is a woman is more chanced to succeed in an entrepreneurial business than a man because its actually an in-built gift for them, they are also blessed with good communication and convincing skill and we know this is what elevates businesses.


This is a type of advice-giving and support provided by career counselors to their clients, to help the clients manage their journey through life, learning and work changes. Guiding students to the path of success and helping them find their way through life as a Career Counsellor is a very fulfilling as one of the best jobs for women. As a career counsellor, you would be assessing students aptitudes, interests, personalities and various behavioral traits. You would help students understand what they are good at which educational and career options are best suited for them.


This a popular profession and its considered the  best jobs for women. It is not only a rewarding profession but also a perfect way in which women get to play important role in shaping people’s lives.


Social work requires people with deep empathy for others as well as wide understanding of the problems of different communities. Understanding the typical issues that women face is also an advantage. Moreover this job offers a lot of job options for women. This is another suitable job for women too.


A sense of style, fashion, intellect, and also been creative is like another nature for women. Fashion design remains the best and suitable jobs for women and they find great pleasure been involved in this job.


Most women are very creative and good in communication, the media sector holds a wide range of opportunities, this work allows women exercise their creative freedom to a considerable extent along with the opportunity for job satisfaction, some jobs under media and journalism that are suitable to women too are; reporters, sub-editor, writer and content writer, research analyst, copywriter and the rest.


Nurse practitioners coordinate patient care. Working independently or in collaboration with physicians. Nurse practitioners provide either primary or specialty health care. Women nurse practitioners earn close to 6 million annually.


Physician assistants do many of the same things that a physician does, including diagnosing and treating patients. They typically refer complex cases to physicians, surgeons, and other specialists.


Human resources managers oversee employee relations, staffing and development, employment policies, and ensure employment laws are adhered to for compliance. They might also manage compensation, benefits, labor relations, and training for an organization. HR managers often work closely with senior leadership and executives for workforce strategy development.


We do know most people who go into marketing are women and it is very suitable to their lifestyle too. Marketing managers oversee creative campaigns for clients and the businesses for which they work. They’re responsible for brand development, awareness, and reach and supervise various aspects of marketing, including social media, public relations, communications, advertising, and video development.

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