Nigerian Government Target to Reopen 180,000 BPD Trans-Niger Oil Pipeline

The Nigerian government announced on Sunday that it is ready to reopen the Trans Niger pipeline, the country’s main delivery channel for liquid hydrocarbons, which has been under force majeure for more than six months.

 The General Manager of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services Group (NAPIMS), Bala Wunti, said this on Sunday.

The Trans-Niger Pipeline, a Major pipeline capable of transporting some 180,000 barrels of crude per day to the Bonny Export Terminal, has stopped transporting product since mid-June due to theft, its operator, Shell, said.

The pipeline, according to Shell, is part of the gas liquids evacuation infrastructure, critical for continued domestic power generation and liquefied gas exports.

Wunti said that in efforts to reopen the pipeline, NAPIMS leadership under Joint Venture General Manager of Operations Zakariya Budawara had spent the last week with the Bodo community in the Gokana Local Government Area of ​​Rivers State. Where the pipeline is located.

He said the visit had monumental significance as it provided them with an opportunity to reconnect with the people of the Bodo community.

“Our presence today is part of NAPIMS’ efforts to reopen the country’s main liquid hydrocarbon delivery atrium, the Trans Niger Pipeline, critical infrastructure in the export of crude oil, which has been under force majeure for more than six months.” Mr. Wunti said.

He said the visit was part of the company’s ongoing journey to rebuild its trust with one of the communities where NAPIMS and its partners are doing business.

During their stay, Mr. Wunti said they gained a deeper understanding of the challenges of the Bodo people.

He said that the Bodo people demonstrated their traditional hospitality and commitment to ensuring the security of the national hydrocarbon infrastructure in their domain.

“As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, NNPCL, under the leadership of Group CEO Mallam Mele Kyari, has continued to work with its host communities to improve quality of life, create businesses, employment, and skills development, among others.

“According to the approach of NNPC administration, we will continue to do all we can to improve the lives of Bodo and the entire Ogoni people. This is a new dawn,” Wunti said.


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