Nigeria Ranks Among Countries with Least Internet Censorship

Nigeria Ranks Among Countries with Least Internet Censorship

By 22getsocial

A new study by a data collection company, Proxyrack has revealed that Nigeria is one of the countries with the least internet censorship in the world.

Internet censorship is the legal control or suppression of what can be accessed, published, or viewed on the Internet.

From the survey, out of the 20 countries profiled in terms of Internet freedom scores, Nigeria ranked 57 over 100, while countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France ranked 79, 77 and 76 respectively.

This ranking is coming as Internet freedom is fast becoming an increasingly important issue, with some governments around the world seeking to limit their citizen’s digital rights, restrict access to or censor information, or even prevent reliable internet access altogether.

Nearly all of the adult population accessed the internet in some form recently.

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Despite the large proportion of internet users in Japan, the country spends the least time on social media and on the internet overall, compared to other countries.

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